Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reading program has been a terrific motivator for students to become enthusiastic readers.  The premise of the program is that the more children read, the better they will become at reading, and the more they’ll want to read.  Students may read books that are listed on Edline under Accelerated Reader.  Each book has a reading level and points that can be earned based on the length and difficulty.  Students may take AR quizzes during the school day.  Top readers within their grades are recognized with certificates at school assemblies.  The name of the top reader of the year is placed on a plaque displayed in the school office.

Parental encouragement plays a HUGE part in the success of the student as a reader.  Asking your child what book they are reading and providing time before bed or after school for reading will let your child know you are monitoring their progress.  Regular trips to the library, supporting our school Book Fair, and purchasing books through school book clubs fliers encourage reading.  Orange County library members can call the library and have books delivered right to your door.  This is a simple and wonderful way to access the over 3000 titles that are on the AR book list, including the Florida Sunshine books. 

AR is web based, and parents are able to monitor points earned from home.  On Edline, parents can check the quizzes that Good Shepherd has available.  We have had some amazing results with the AR program.